Certified Warehousing

Lisanslı Depoculuk

System for Certified Warehouses is implemented in many countries including the U.S.A. Certified Warehousing has recently become popular in our country. As Turkey completes the harvest season within a month or two, it takes whole year for the manufacturers to do production. Therefore, we provide healthy, reliable and good quality products all the year around in our warehouses with the capacity of over 40.000 tons.


Lisanslı Depoculuk

Tezcan vehicle fleet derives benefit for providing optimal service to its customers. Partnerships with internationally recognized and accredited shipping companies mediate Tezcan Flours to be delivered anywhere in the world.

Egem Flour Mills

Lisanslı Depoculuk

Egem Flour Mills produces flour for domestic purposes. Egem Flour Mills was first established in 2005 as a small family company. Since 2012, Egem Flour Mills has been transformed into a corporate business and with new goals and objectives, Egem Flour has set in its place in the tables of the families.


Lisanslı Depoculuk

Mix food aims to produce functional products for customers. The purpose of this plant is to generate a solution to various needs of individuals and corporations in the emerging and changing environments.

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