Tezcan Flour quality on more than 40 countries and 4 continents

Yüksel Tezcan was the founder of Tezcan Flour Mills that has been in service for more than 60 years with its professionality and experience-oriented vision. Yüksel Tezcan established the first mill in Bornova in 1991 with the capacity of 150 tons/day with the instrumentality of inherited milling knowledge and experience of his family. In 1991, to increase the production volume, Menemen plant located in İzmir commenced working with the capacity of 750 tons/ day. Haluk Tezcan has assumed to be the board of director in 2007 after the loss of the founder Yüksel Tezcan. As in the day, while the third generation of Tezcan family continues to run the business, Tezcan Flour Mills has become one of the sector leaders and keeps investing in development with the excitement of the first day of its establishment.

Since its foundation, Tezcan Flour Mills has been a source of trustworthy partner that meets the demands of its customers in the accurate and fastest way possible. Tezcan Family with the support and leadership of the management, acknowledges meeting customer expectations and needs, abiding by the laws as their main duties.

In 2005, Tezcan Flour Mills started to provide service and grown into a worldwide brand. Tezcan owes this success to the latest technologies of its plant and highly valued employees who collaborate with a great sense of team spirit.

Acting on with the consciousness to be a sector leader worldwide, Tezcan Flour Mills makes significant innovations in R&D. For the first time in Turkey, “Dried flour” and “Organic flour” have been studied out in 2012 by Tezcan Flour Mills with no external resources.


The story started in Akşehir…

Long-standing past of the milling sector started in this period. Our founder Yüksel Tezcan maintained the milling tradition that was inherited from his family in the milling plants located in Eğirdir and Akşehir for a really long time.


Journey to İzmir…

The most fertile soils of Turkey in terms of agriculture are based in the Aegean region. İzmir is the pearl of Aegean considering its strategical positioning and rich and productive agricultural opportunities.


Towards Menemen

To increase capacity, İzmir, Menemen Plant started production with the capacity of 750 tons/day.


Tezcan Flour Mills with the latest cutting-edge technologies

In order to keep up with the upcoming features and to maintain the presence in the developing world technology, Tezcan Flour Mills added the latest technology machinery and new units to its plant.


Tezcan Flour Mills in the Global Market

In 2005, Tezcan was opened to the world to exhibit its high-quality product and efficient services. Tezcan Flour Mills provides services as per the needs of its customer both domestically and internationally.


Quality for Tezcan Flour Mills

Research and Development activities are very high concerns for Tezcan Flour Mills since all request of the customers regarding the wheat flours are to be met.

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